Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

The best way to order for a doorstep delivery is either online or on our app. You can select the products that you require on the days that you wish


Local Business? Give me a call - 07375 822630

What if I want to change my order?

You can log in to your account – add or remove products, and even pause if you have too much or are going away. You can also add ‘one off’ items such as a tray of eggs or cheese

How do I pay?

If you order online you will pay on a debit or credit card. The payment for your first order/week will be taken up front. Then going forward, the payment will automatically be taken at the end of each week, this means if you amend your order last minute, you will always pay for what you’ve actually received.

What do I do with the glass bottles?

If you have ordered glass bottles, they should be rinsed out when finished with and left out for your milkman to collect. At this stage we do not require the lids to be returned, just the bottles themselves.


Can I return the egg boxes?

Yes, we will also reuse the egg boxes, providing they are in good condition and can be used again. 

Can I collect items directly from the farm?

Yes, we have a small honesty shop at the farm gate where you can purchase milk, cream, butter, eggs, cheese and even ice cream. It is open from 6am until approximately 8.00pm.